Las Vegas shootings and gun control

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On Sunday night, Las Vegas saw the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. During the Route 91 festival, just as Jason Aldean was playing his first few songs, a man opened fire from a room in the Mandalay Bay resort. This man senselessly shot over 500 people and killing 58. Now, I’ve never been to big on gun control, but I think now is the time. Americans are becoming scared to leave their houses in fear of being involved in one of these shootings. When is it gonna end? At what point does the government need to step in and do something? That time is now. This man had way too much access to weapons that were easily converted to fully automatic. What real reason is there for citizens to own automatic weapons? People should be allowed to own firearms in my opinion, but they should not be able to have an arsenal to be able to open fire on the community whenever they snap. I think one major rule that needs to be enforced for gun ownership is psychiatric evaluations. If you are not mentally capable to tell the difference between right and wrong, you shouldn’t own a fire arm.


Jets arrive in South Korea

The United States have moved a group of stealth fighters into the Korean Peninsula, making tensions that are already high escalate in the area. Now the North Koreans have issued two statements. The first saying, U.S. President Donald Trump is “begging for nuclear war.” They also called the actions of the U.S. an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the Korean Peninsula.” This raises quite a few concerns for me. The last thing this country needs is to be going to war again. We haven’t even completely pulled out of the Middle East yet. The White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster said at a conference in California in Saturday that the chances for war on the Korean Peninsula grow daily. This makes no sense. Right back into war? Why? The American people do not want more war. Many Americans are still suffering from the Iraq War. There’s only one logical reason our president would put us right back into war. That’s to make himself look good. Most Americans are taught as far back as high school that war is good for the economy, but I say they can keep the economy crappy if it means more mothers to lose their sons or daughters in another unnecessary war. The American people are sick of war. This has got to stop at some point. No one wants a nuclear holocaust. The Korean dictator has issued this country warnings. I hope our government doesn’t take this situation too lightly and doesn’t call North Korea’s bluff.

Packers shouldn’t overlook the Bucs this week

Well, Week 13 of the 2017 NFL season is already here. For most football fans this is not good news for the simple fact that it means football season is almost over. Teams are starting to lockupĀ  their divisions and wildcard teams are looking to make that final push at the end of the regular season to get in the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers are facing this situation starting week 13 against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lambeau Field. The Packers are looking to push through to the playoffs while the Bucs sit at 4-7 with no shot at the playoffs in a stout NFC South division. That doesn’t mean the Packers should sleep on the Bucs. Many times over the history of the NFL many teams have been knocked out of contention by teams that are out of contention. Remember, The Bucs are still professionals playing for their jobs in the upcoming season as well as showcasing for other teams in The NFL. Bucs Head Coach Dirk Koetter needs to finish the season out strong to keep himself out of hot water with an ownership known for having little patience with coaches and have made a habit of firing coaches after two seasons. Koetter was elevated to Head Coach from Offensive Coordinator two seasons ago, and with the players behind Koetter, The Bucs will fight hard through the end of the season to keep their coaches on the sidelines next fall.

Tiger Woods is back?

Tiger Woods is back on the PGA Tour. I know, no one was really expecting him to come back to the sport after the way he finished the last tour he was on, but here we are. Not. only is Tiger back on the tour, but he is playing really well. He finished Friday steadily climbing the leader-board with a 4-under-par 68, and is looking like the Tiger of old. Could it be that his back was really that bad, and it wasn’t his personal life that was distracting him and making him play horribly? $ back surgeries since 2014 and a 10 month layoff is what it seemed he needed to regain his form that has made him on of the, if not most famous golfer in the world. It can mean nothing but good things for gold is he is back. Everyone wants to see Tiger healthy and see what he can do when at 100%. Not only that, but people watch more golf when he plays. Ratings don’t lie about that. The only thing that seems different is his demeanor. He really seems to be having a good time on the course right now, and is embracing a role of mentor-ship for younger players. Anyone who has followed Tiger over the years knows he’s not exactly been to keen on helping other golfers advance. I guess age does that to people. He seems to want to help not only himself, but others too. Hopefully this side of Tiger sticks around for a while, because the world of golf sure has missed him.

Jimbo Fisher Leaves FSU

The Florida State Seminoles fan base got quite a shock yesterday when Head Coach Jimbo Fisher decided to leave FSU for Texas A&M, and a 75 million dollar salary. Jimbo won’t even coach his long time team in their bowl game this year. This serves as a major blow to this team since this is the largest contract for a head coach in college football history in terms to total value. The only person who will be making more per year is the very successful Nick Saban of The Alabama Crimson Tide. Saban has guided the Crimson Tide to four national championships in the past 11 seasons. So, Jimbo has definitely has his work cut out for him in the crowded SEC. Florida State is looking to move quickly to find a replacement. That’s not an easy task in today’s college game. Fisher has a record of 83-23 in eight seasons as well as a 2013 BCS National Championship under his belt at FSU. Whoever they hire will have no room for error in such a tradition filled employee. South Florida’s Charlie Strong is among the candidates for Fishers replacement, as well as Oregon’s Willie Taggart. Fisher takes over an A&M team that hasn’t won a conference championship since 1998, when they were still a member of the Big 12, and only national championship being in 1939. Texas A&M is clearly looking to get on pace with Alabama, and with a 75 million dollar contract Fisher won’t get the benefit of time.

Seminole Heights Killer

It seems they finally got the Seminole Heights Killer off the streets. This person has terrorized this small community in North Tampa for the past two months. When will all this madness end? It seems like every day we are hearing a new story about how someone has killed someone or a mass of people. What this world has become is not right. People are worried to go anywhere, not knowing if they are gonna be the latest victim of a serial killer or a terrorist attack. Some think more gun control is the answer, but if guns become illegal it will only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens who use guns for protection. Illegal guns will still find there way to criminals. So, what do we do? The answer in my opinion is to arm yourself legally, and don’t allow yourself to become a victim. Most people would say “that’s what the police are for,” but it takes a police officer an average of 6 minutes to get to a scene. Citizens have become a flock of sheep among wolves. The only way to make these things stop is to stand up and say, “NO MORE!”

Bucs sign more defensive players

It seems another loss has got the staff of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a panic. With good reason too. A 2-4 start to a season projected to make a run deep in the playoffs is not the digression the Glazer family had in mind when rebuilding the team roster. Defensive coordinator Mike Smith has a daunting task ahead of him of making this defense click. AS most NFL fans know, 2 years is plenty of enough time in today’s league to turn around a defense. While they have shown flashes of brilliance, they have yet to play consistently as a unit. I’m not sure if signing aging veterans on the decline is the answer this team needs to get things rolling right now, during this season. Signing a journeyman player like DE Darryl Tapp are just replacements for injured starters like Noah Spence. The Bucs need to sign or find a quality corner or safety to compliment the one bright spot in this teams secondary, Brent Grimes. He consistently plays at a high level, even when injured. If the Bucs have any chance of saving their season and Mike Smith wants to stay with the organization, things need to turn around. This season.

Hard day to be a Bucs fan

Well, in light of this Sunday’s latest loss to The Buffalo Bills, it seems a shot at the playoffs is seeming less and less likely. These are trying times for Bucs fans. This season started out very optimistic. HBO featured them on Hard Knocks, and they were the trendy pick this off season for a team that could make a run deep into the playoffs. A 2-4 start to the season states otherwise. It seems like it was one mistake after another. They solidified the kicking game, but now it seems the defense is becoming the Achilles heal of the team ,and are not playing to their potential. The defense has quality starters in All-pro defensive tackle Gerald Mcoy, and two Pro-Bowl Linebackers in Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander. The Bucs have good players and there really is no reason why they are under performing this year. It seems when expectations are the highest, this team falls short. Every year. Season after season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan base gets excited, and year after year they are getting let down. Tampa bay has the deepest roster in franchise history, and with 2007 being the last year they made the playoffs, it’s sure to cost ticket sales and television ratings if things don’t turn around. Teams like The New England Patriots sell out every game, and are almost always on prime time television. There’s one reason and one reason only for this. They win, Winning changes everything in the landscape of the NFL, and if The Bucs want to keep their fan base, they better start winning.